Zents | Natural and Organic Body Care

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Earth | The crisp, clean air of the mountains comes alive in this collection.  The energizing and cool blend of sandalwood and fir needle is sure to delight the senses.

Mandarin | Spice up of your life. This combination of ginger, mandarin, and cardamom help create a warming and exotic scent.

Oolong | Flower power. This creative mixture of lavender, bergamot, lime, and oolong tea invigorates and excites the soul.

Ore | A best seller.  This playful blend of orris, ylang ylang and clove inspires feelings of youthfulness.

Sun | Destress with this calming aroma.  Let the fragrances of vanilla, amber and blood orange transport you to a calm and reflective state of mind.

Water | Hints of blue chamomile, coriander, lemon, and mint create a refreshing, calming scent reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast.

Unzented | This aroma-free collection was created for sensitive individuals, expecting mothers, children, men, and those experiencing health concerns or issues such as eczema and psoriasis.  Patients undergoing radiation or chemo can benefit from this collection as well.  Like all the other collections, the Unzented line offers products that are anti-aging and hydrating.  Unzented products can be paired with your current favorite perfume or cologne.